Breast Exams

Breast Examination: Empowering Breast Health and Early Detection

We understand the importance of breast health and early detection in women’s healthcare. Regular breast examinations are a vital component of comprehensive healthcare for women of all ages.

What is a Breast Examination?

A breast examination is a medical evaluation of the breasts conducted by a healthcare provider. It aims to assess the health of breast tissue, detect abnormalities, and screen for potential breast-related concerns, including breast cancer. Regular breast examinations can aid in the early detection of breast conditions, contributing to better outcomes and peace of mind.

Key Aspects of Breast Examination

Clinical Breast Exam (CBE):

  • A clinical breast exam is performed by a healthcare provider during a physical examination.
  • The provider uses their hands to examine the breasts, feeling for lumps, changes in texture, or any other abnormalities.

Self-Breast Exam (SBE):

  • Self-breast examination involves you examining your own breasts on a regular basis, typically once a month.
  • You use your fingers to feel for lumps, changes, or any unusual signs in your breast tissue.


  • Mammography is a radiological procedure that uses X-rays to capture images of the breast tissue.
  • It is commonly used for breast cancer screening and can detect abnormalities that may not be felt during a physical exam.

Benefits of Breast Examination

Early Detection: Regular breast examinations, including clinical exams and mammograms, can detect breast conditions and cancer at an early stage when treatment is most effective.

Peace of Mind: Breast examinations provide reassurance about breast health and contribute to overall well-being.

Personal Empowerment: Self-breast exams empower individuals to take an active role in monitoring their breast health.

Customized Care: Breast examinations can be tailored to individual needs and risk factors, ensuring personalized care.

Breast examinations are essential for maintaining breast health and detecting potential concerns, including breast cancer. At EmpowHer, we are committed to providing thorough breast examinations as part of our comprehensive women’s healthcare services. If you have questions or would like to schedule a breast examination, please contact us. Your breast health is our priority.